Facts & Figures Manus Software Europe BV

Did you know that....

  • We were founded in 1988 by Jan-Willem van der Boom?
  • The ManusPlus WFM CloudSuite is available in 35 languages including Hebrew and Japanese?
  • We currently have 35 employees in The Netherlands, 1 in Germany, 1 in France and 25 software developers in Bulgaria?
  • Approximately 450.000 staff members worldwide are using ManusPlus?
  • Labor costs savings of 3 up to 7% are feasible by using ManusPlus?
  • We combat waste of time and therefore money.
  • We believe in human resources optimization. In being as efficient and effective as possible. Without compromises!
  • Operational in Retail, Hospitality, Leisure, Industry, DIY, Supermarkets and more....
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Facts & Figures Manus Software Europe BV